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Posted on 11 February 2015 by N V Paulose

Looking to the future from the present state of mind is one way of looking at it. And looking to the future from the past mindset through the windows of present eyesight is another way or a much better way of looking at it. This approach gives you a different perspective altogether about what ever questions that may arise in your mind on your journey towards destiny. You are the creater of your destiny; Swami Vivekananda had said! The kingdom of God is with in yourself; Bible says! Everyone is creating destiny all the times. Some are selfish and very few are selfless!

Fr. Thomas Thadathil MCBS has a totally different perspective to look at anything and everything in life. Always guided by intution; he prefers to be at a low profile and he is fully submitted to the mission entrusted in him.

Plans were different in those days and today's world were never in his mind prior to these thoughts excercised extreme pressure in his consciousness. One day; when he was on his way to Pune; he happened to look at a sight that never gone out of his sight afterwards. It was a man who were eating from the waste junk yard. There were animals along with him sharing from the contribution of the highly cultured elite society.


Signs are Visible and Pain Invincible

Posted on 15 February 2015 by Reynod Sunny

I am writing this note from the Dream Village; Asha Gram! This is a Paradise on earth. Everything except Malls and Junk Foods are available here. Domestic Animals are in good number. Flora and Fauna are fantastic. The Village belongs to Differently Abled Young Friends of Fr. Thomas. They live a life with full of life here. All of them get up early in the morning. Take bath and join for the morning prayer. When they sing, you may feel everything messed up! and as days pass by, you learn the Music of Love. Once learned the Music of Love, you turn to be the lover of Music here!

Everyone has a different world here. Everyone is unique! When you come here, be prepared. You should know few of them by name. And these days everyone come with a smart phone; Friends will ask you to take few snaps. I alert you friends; do not try to fool them by acting without really taking a good stuff. Immediate to your photo session gets over, they demand you show it to them. Good photos are appreciated. And the wonderful thing I have noticed is this. They will not break the mirror saying the face has not come good. That emotion is all with we the Godless seeds in the modern world. For them; they are what they are!


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The dream of Asha Gram is of yours' by all means. Sometimes it may be a challenge placed in front or a suggestion to see something different. Everything has emerged from those who have experienced the emotions here. You too are welcome

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